Curriculum Map

                                  Science Lab Curriculum 6th Grade


Science Basics; Safety 4 C’s

  • Create Code of Conduct / Safety/ SMART goals
  • Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity
  • Group Cup Activities; Stacking Cups Backwards/ Connect with Strings
  • 1-25 plate touching activity
  • Escape Room



Scientific Inquiry; Scientific Method 5 E’s

  • Review of Scientific Method
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • 5E’s Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, Evaluation
  • Catapults



Engineering Design Process

  • Review of the Engineering Design Process
  • Boats
  • Mbots /Sphero
  • Programming Mbot using Scratch


Atoms, Matter, Energy

  • Simple model / Ammonia and methanol ( 3D ball and stick structures, drawings or computer models)
  • Extended models/ sodium chloride or diamonds
  • Analyze and interpret data/ burning sugar or steel wool, fat reacting with sodium hydroxide, zinc with hydrogen chloride.



Heat and Energy Transfer

  • Thermal energy increases or decreases kinetic energy.
  • The Law of Conservation of Matter




Natural Resources /Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy

  • Construct a scientific explanation how uneven distribution of resources as a result of past geological processes (petroleum, metal ores, soil locations)
  • generators
  • testing windmill blades
  • solar energy models
  • create home designs using renewable resources



Astronomy ; Stars and Galaxies

  • Develop and use a model of the Earth-sun-moon system to describe the cyclic patterns of lunar phases, eclipses of the sun and moon, and seasons.
  • Model emphasizing gravity as the force that holds together the solar system and Milky Way and controls orbital motion within them.


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