Frequently Asked Questions about E-Learning



July 31, 2020 

Q: Can each student at home borrow a device from the school? A: Yes! Our eLearning Coordinator and your child’s teacher will help each eLearner borrow a device if/when needed. Communication will be sent home after August 10 with directions explaining how to borrow a device. 

Q: Do I need to complete Express Check-In and pay my fees in MySchoolBucks if my child is an eLearner? A: Yes! Students at home will be using our textbooks, workbooks, and other resources paid for by the student fees such as access to online resources a teacher might use during their instruction. We will make arrangements for eLearning families to come to the building to pick up the materials they need to learn from home. 

Q: Will my child be marked absent from school if eLearners don’t start until August 24, 2020? A: No. Students will not be marked absent nor will they miss any instruction during the week before they start with eLearning. Our eLearning Coordinator will use this week to train eLearner parents, assist teachers to prepare for the 24, arrange for material pick-up, coordinate device loans, etc. Much of the first week for in-person learners will be teaching about wearing face-coverings, travel patterns in the hallways, hand hygiene, etc. By the 24th, all students will be ready to receive instruction! 

Q: Can my family attend Meet the Teacher if we select eLearning? A: YES! We encourage students to come to school to meet their teacher, at their scheduled time on August 13, 2020. If your family cannot attend Meet the Teacher night, classroom teachers will arrange a virtual meeting with your eLearner before August 24, 2020. 

Q: Will lessons be recorded for my child to watch at any time? A: No - our eLearning Plan requires students to attend each session. Links to the live session will be in Google Classroom and shared with parents via Google Doc. Teachers will include supplementary materials for students to access at any time during the school day. We reserve the option to record lessons for a student who is ill and will miss the daily lessons. Parents must communicate with the classroom teacher to request the lesson be recorded and uploaded to the student’s GC profile. 

Q: If my child starts the year with eLearning, do I have to wait for a certain date to begin In-Person learning?  

A: No, our plan is flexible enough for students to attend online or in-person with little to no disruption. Please notify our eLearning Coordinator and your child’s teacher to expect your child in-person no less than 24 hours notice prior to sending your child back to the school. 

Q: Will my child earn a poor grade if we don’t have the supplies we need for a Specials class (K-6)? A: No - participation in Specials classes PE, Spanish, Tech, Library, Art, and Music is optional. Specials teachers welcome eLearners to their classes each day - but there could be barriers due to the materials and equipment you would need to replicate at home. A student's grade will not be affected. Specials classes are optional for eLearners. 

Q: Will my eLearner attend Electives classes (6th-7th-8th)? A: No - electives require specialized materials and skill set that is difficult to provide in an eLearning setting. eLearners are encouraged to use this time to work on daily assignments, email their teachers, and study for upcoming assessments. Electives classes will not be broadcasted. 

Q: I don’t know how to use Google Classroom - will parents and students receive training and support? A:YES! ACS has created a position of eLearning Coordinator to help eLearners and their parents learn how to use the technology required to be successful in our eLearning delivery model. Our Return to Learn Technology Committee is busy working to source, create, condense, organize, and prioritize the training students, parents, and staff members will need to be successful in our eLearning Program. 

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