Parent Resouces for e-learning

Tips for parents of elearners

1.Create a learning space for your child. 

Does your child already have a dedicated work space such as a desk or place in the house?  Finding somewhere that is neat and organized away from distractions helps set your child up for success.

2.Stick to a schedule.

Kids thrive on predictable schedules and knowing what to expect.  Post a copy of each child’s daily schedule where they can see it.

3.Reduce distractions.

Make sure that TVs, video games, social media and toys are away to help with temptation to be distracted.  Keep disruptive pets or younger siblings in another area during classes.

4.Get plenty of exercise.

When we exercise our brains function better at problem solving, memory and attention spans are longer.

5.Reach out to your child’s teacher.

Teachers are here to help students learn and grow.  If you are having trouble reach out to your child’s teacher they may have suggestions you have not thought about.  Don’t wait for little problems to become bigger, address them early on and be proactive in asking for help when needed.

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