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2013-2014 Lottery Information

Academy Charter School’s Kindergarten lottery was done on December 9th. The lottery for Grades 1-8 was completed on January 6th. Here are the results of the lottery draw for all the students who were entered in the lottery. The number beside the name indicates the order in which we will accept new students. Essentially, the lottery is a way of ordering the waiting list for the year.

In Kindergarten we will be accepting about 33 new students since we had siblings for kindergarten which take priority over the lottery. If you have a low number for kindergarten, you should expect a call in the next few weeks as we start to fill our kindergarten for next year. At that time you can elect to accept a position or decline; you will be given 48 hours to make your decision.

If you have a low number for the 1st through 8th, it may be a while before you are called as most students return to our school each year. We will call in the order listed and you may be called over the summer months if students move. The order of the list will remain throughout the 2013-14 school year until the 2014-15 lottery is done.

Kindergarten Third Grade Sixth Grade
First Grade Fourth Grade Seventh Grade
Second Grade Fifth Grade Eighth Grade

Special invitation for Kindergarten lottery parents - Please click here

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